Ohio Valley Residential Services provides places to live and personal care for teens and adults with developmental disabilities.

DSP's Are Life Coaches

As a former DSP myself, I understand the determination, dedication, patience, grit and love it takes to wake up every day, make your way to work and practice the unconditional empathy and care to people who depend on you to help them start their day and be as productive and active as they can be.

I believe DSP’s are “LIFE Coaches”. Encouraging, motivating and helping others see their full potential. Coaching people to be the best that they can be while taking care to recognize that line where providing the services for someone is only guided by the individuals desire to self-determine, self-direct their care and to be as independent as they possibly can.

Jamie Steele, Executive Director, OVRS

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At OVRS, you can feel great about the work you do. Every employee has a meaningful role to play in the lives of people with disabilities. And every employee is important to us – with talents that make each one special. To learn more about the rewarding careers at OVRS, please go to our career pages.

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OVRS knows what happens when we give our clients the freedom and support they need: They thrive. At OVRS, they make choices about which jobs and hobbies to pursue, how to decorate their living spaces — even what to cook for dinner. As a result, their lives become more meaningful.

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