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James W. Steele

President and Chief
Executive Officer

Phone: (513) 487-4775

Mobile: (513) 200-3695

Jeff Krieger

Chief Director of
Program Operations

Phone: (513) 487-4763

Mobile: (513) 806-8449

Chris Alexander

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: (513) 487-4777

Mobile: (513) 218-6751

Priscilla Faux

Chief Human
Resource Officer

Phone: (513) 487-4778

General Inquiries

Office: (513) 281-6800
Fax: (513) 487-4787
1200 Edison Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45216

“I enjoy taking the residents on an outing that they really enjoy. To see the smiles on their faces and the happiness, lets me know that I’m giving them the care that is required.”

— Lashonda Kelley