DSP’s Are Life Coaches

As a former DSP myself, I understand the determination, dedication, patience, grit and love it takes to wake up
every day, make your way to work and practice the unconditional empathy and care to people who depend on
you to help them start their day and be as productive and active as they can be.

I believe DSP’s are “LIFE Coaches”. Encouraging, motivating and helping others see their full potential.
Coaching people to be the best that they can be while taking care to recognize that line where providing the
services for someone is only guided by the individuals desire to self-determine, self-direct their care and to be
as independent as they possibly can.

DSP’s aren’t coaches of a baseball team, they are LIFE Coaches to commit to being present in the lives of the
people who want and need their services. Being present both physically, socially and spiritually with someone
who depends on your guidance and support to have a successful day.

DSP’s are LIFE Coaches who are forward looking thinkers. They see possible obstacles in the way toward self
determination and self-directed services and remove those barriers!

DSP’s are LIFE Coaches who are their when someone has fallen and is struggling emotionally with life. They
are there with a hug, a smile, soothing kind words assuring them that they will be ok and that they will be
there for them to try again tomorrow and the many tomorrows ahead.

DSP’s are LIFE Coaches who go home at the end of the day emotionally drained and physically tired but ready
to focus and provide that unconditional love to their own family.

DSP’s are LIFE Coaches who deserve to be recognized for their amazing abilities and skills! They deserve to be
recognized with an affordable living wage!

You may ask yourself WHY do these dedicated LIFE Coaches do this work day in and day out only to be
compensated less than or the same as those making hamburgers? I’ll tell you, they do so because they love
the people they support. They do so because they are drawn to assist those that need a helping hand, a kind
embrace, encouragement. They do so because they know their “WHY”. They know their gifts and skills. They
know their profession. They are expert’s in LIFE!

Jamie Steele, Executive, Director, OVRS