OVRS History & Principles

We Care Deeply for People With Disabilities

Ohio Valley Residential Services, a private, nonprofit organization, provides places to live and personal care for teens and adults with developmental disabilities. They live in homes and apartment buildings as well as with shared living families. Our respite care program offers clients short-term stays with shared living families. And our supported living program helps clients who need minimal assistance to live on their own.

We Nurture Family-like Atmospheres

Though the atmosphere in each of our homes varies, we strive for family-like environments. We nurture a sense of belonging, encouraging strong relationships among clients and between clients and staff. Our clients include married couples and siblings. Some of our older clients have lived with us since they were young adults. They go out to dinner together and to the movies and even go on vacation together.

We Provide Personal Space and Choices

All clients in our homes and apartments have their own bedrooms because of our belief in the importance of privacy and personal space. We also involve them in making important choices affecting their lives, including where to live, how to enjoy leisure time, with whom to associate, what to eat and how to dress. These are decisions and choices that society expects of any responsible person.  In addition, learning to accept the consequences of those decisions is an important freedom and an expected part of personal growth.

We’re Proud of Our History

OVRS was founded in 1973 as a way to provide homes in the community for people with developmental disabilities. Before then, many lived in large institutions. We were originally called Opportunity Village and were located in a three-story building in Lebanon, Warren County. About 1980, we moved our clients to Hamilton County, where our housing model changed to one with homes and apartments. Since then, we’ve expanded our housing locations and services.