• Housing Type: Apartment
  • Neighborhood: Pleasant Ridge
  • Availability: Available Now!

Opening Available!

Two family style house for men with awake staffing at night. 2 openings on second floor. Could be one opening on first floor if needed.

Community Info

Pleasant Ridge is a mostly residential neighborhood in Cincinnati with a small business district occupied largely by long-standing, independent businesses. It is one of the most diverse, dispersed and durable communities in the region.

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Getting Started

How to access residential services through OVRS?

The decision about where to live usually starts with Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services. It assigns a Service and Support Administrator to work with individuals and families to select one of the organizations in the county that provide residential services to people with developmental disabilities.

Meanwhile, OVRS is always glad to discuss our services directly with potential clients and their families. We also offer tours of our residences.

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Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services