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OVRS 2018 Employee Recognition Event

September 13, 2018

We had a grand time at our 2018 Annual Employee Appreciation event!


Event Committee:  Chris Alexander, April Long, Roseanne Dickerson, Priscilla Faux.

Committee Support:  Dawna Von Trotha, Zach Grant, Lee Ann Schwierjohann.

Basket Creative Team:  Kourtney Anderson, Stephen Boardwine, Kathrina Bradford, Roseanne Dickerson, April Long, Julie Martinez, Katherine Maus, Lee Ann Schwierjohann, Dawna Von Trotha.

Event Ambassadors:  Ann Acito, Janice Breiner, Milton Cash and Jackie Fisher.

2018 DSP Crown Jewel Award Winners:  Shauna Covington-Trimble, nominated by Zach Grant and Jennifer Powell, Nominated by Stephen Boardwine.

2018 Smile Award:  Cindy Kaake

2018 Candy Cane Connection:  Zach Grant and the staff at Appleridge

2018  Integration on the front line:  Shawntell Johnson

2018 Open Arms Award:  Carla Young

2018 A-Team Award:  Parkview Staff

2018 OVRS OPRA Award Nominee:  Keith Pollard


Tenure Awards

38 Years – Pamela Lyrics (Multiple positions within the agency)

34 Years – Mical Ghebre-Ab

30 Years – Priscilla Faux

25 Years – Angie Smith

20 Years – Sara and James Edmond, Linda Johnson, Kim Perry

15 Years – Lanita Favors, Karen Kelly, Sylvia Miller, Renita Mitchell, Bobbie Muhammad, Evelyn Nelson and Cathy Shelton Brown

10 Years – Nancy Bartz, Gwen Gaddis, Latasha Heisel, Alise Hodges, Wilma Johnson, Lysa Jones, Cindy Kaake, Karla Kinard, Pat Landoll, Laronda Matchen and Jennifer Wisdom

5 Years – Lachona Burston, Lanise Burton, John Clark, Anngerlek Fountain, Ebony Johnson, Sasha Powers, Candice Pruitt, Betty Ruckes and Jamie Steele



You know you’re appreciated when

By Shanda White  – September 2018


When you’re praised without doing

When you’re given thanks because

There is nothing more than feeling appreciated,

best feeling next to being loved.


You know you’re appreciated when

You’ve been gone for awhile, or have been far away

Yet the moment your presence returns

You put a smile on someone’s face.


You know you’re appreciate when

You feel proud of what you do

And the fact that you’re able to lead others

And they look up to you.


Appreciation is something you give

Appreciation is something you feel

You know you’re appreciated when

Everything you do is God’s will.