Residential Services

OVRS Clients like the choices we offer


We’re proud of the many alternatives we provide. About 40 people with developmental disabilities choose to share a home with other individuals and live in eight houses that we own and operate in neighborhoods across Hamilton County. Each client has a private bedroom because we believe privacy is important.

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Our innovative apartment buildings differentiate us from other organizations that care for people with developmental disabilities. More than 70 clients choose to live in one of our 13 small apartment buildings, where each has a full apartment with a kitchen that most share with a roommate. Some choose this option because they have even more independence than they would in a traditional home.

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All OVRS residences are licensed by the State of Ohio. Licensing requires OVRS to adhere to rules and regulations enforced by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. The rules focus on the condition of the residences as well as accountability for our clients’ personal funds, possessions, and overall client satisfaction.

Getting Started

How to access residential services through OVRS?

The decision about where to live usually starts with Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services. It assigns a Service and Support Administrator to work with individuals and families to select one of the organizations in the county that provide residential services to people with developmental disabilities.

Meanwhile, OVRS is always glad to discuss our services directly with potential clients and their families. We also offer tours of our residences.

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Shared Living

Our Clients Thrive With Shared Living Providers

Over 40 of our clients — children as well as adults — choose to live on a long-term basis with a caring provider, a program also known as Shared Living or Adult Family Living. We recruit, screen and train our providers. Then, we place clients in their homes and monitor the living arrangements to ensure we’ve made a good match. Some of our clients have lived with the same family for decades and call them “Mom” and “Dad.”

Become a Shared Living Provider

OVRS looks for dedicated, highly trained, compassionate, and knowledgeable individuals committed to providing a loving, nurturing, and supportive family-like home environment while ensuring health, safety, choice and trust, and most importantly a sense of belonging. As the State of Ohio moves away from Independent Providers, we welcome the opportunity to work with those current providers needing to contract with an agency to continue to provide services to their current individuals.

For more information about Shared Living Services or becoming a provider, please contact Karen Kelly at (513) 281-6800 ext. 114 or

Other OVRS Services

We Provide Care In Other Ways, Too

Respite Care

Some families occasionally need a break from caring for a loved one with a developmental disability. In such cases, we have respite care providers, similar to foster parents, who care for our clients for anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. We provide respite care to about 20 people a year, sometimes on an emergency basis when a family has a crisis.

Supported Living

Some people with developmental disabilities live by themselves and just need occasional help to remain independent. We send our staff to their residences for 15 to 40 hours a week to assist with duties such as cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, banking and medical appointments. We provide this assistance to a half-dozen clients.

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How Services are Funded

Financial Support Is Available

OVRS is grateful for all the financial support we get. Like other nonprofits, we have various funding sources, including:

  • Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services, which relies heavily on county tax levies
  • The federal Medicaid Waiver program
  • Clients’ personal earnings
  • Clients’ supplemental federal benefits
  • Private pay
  • Private donations from friends and other supporters to provide various products and necessities that give our clients extra comfort and ensure that we are staffed with exceptional employees.
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