Values and Cultures

We Help Our Clients Thrive

To enable persons with developmental disabilities to flourish,  OVRS provides individually focused, compassionate, safe and quality services with the highest ethical standards.

We Work in Small Teams

OVRS has more than 200 employees. Most work directly with the women and men we serve at one of our more than 20 residences.  Most of our residences have a small group of employees working together. This gives employees the opportunity to have access to the benefits of a large organization while working in small, close-knit teams.  Opportunities are also available providing supported living services in an individuals own apartment or home.

“Alone, we can do little. Together, we can do much.” Helen Keller, humanitarian


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What Our Employees Say About Working at OVRS:

“I enjoy taking the residents on an outing that they really enjoy.  To see the smiles on their faces and the happiness, let’s me know that I’m giving them the care that is required.”  Lashonda Kelley

I used to think that I couldn’t work with people with disabilities.  Since I have, I’ve learned from them that they are independent and are very smart.  I love working with my residents.”  Tiffany Heard

To apply for a job, please go to our Current Opportunities page.