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We Live in Hamilton County Neighborhoods

Our clients are your neighbors, customers and friends. They shop at local stores, attend neighborhood festivals and go to community parks. Our residences are located in Hamilton County neighborhoods such as Pleasant Ridge, Western Hills, North College Hill, Deer Park, Madeira, Westwood, College Hill, Madisonville, Kenwood, Norwood, Delhi, Cheviot and White Oak.  Click on this link for our Residential Brochure of all Housing Options.

Our Staff is Committed to Our Clients

Many of our employees have worked with us for years, even as far back as the 1970s. They’ve developed strong relationships with our clients. We recruit employees who are passionate about working with people with developmental disabilities.

Our Level of Personal Care Varies

We feel it’s important that our clients have choices. So we not only offer various residential settings, we also give each client as much care as they want. Some need a lot of assistance with dressing, bathing, cooking and cleaning. Others just need a little help. As they age, the level of care we provide for them increases. They also have choices about what to eat, how to dress and how to enjoy their leisure time. We advocate for and support individuals with their employment choices, whether it’s a job with an organization that serves people with developmental disabilities or a job at a private employer.